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Here are a few of the common ones that we get, along with answers to the questions. We will add to this list when we get more FAQs. Contact us if any of your questions are not answered here.

When was National American and Indian Chamber Of Commerce founded?

National American and Indian Chamber Of Commerce(NAICCO) was founded in March 2022.

What is chamber of commerce and how does it affect businesses?

The chamber of commerce definition is a local organization that gathers business leaders working in the community. The intention is to advance the goals and interests of your organization and others operating in the area. It’s usually a group of locally owned businesses that have a common interest. They have the authority to vote on the board of directors that helps create and implement policies and run the chamber.

What does a Chamber Of Commerce do?

  • Lobby the government on topics that support commerce in general and their members specifically
  • Provide educational opportunities for members
  • Assist businesses with marketing
  • Host networking events

The specifics that an individual chamber of commerce does can vary significantly. Some are very active and offer lots of opportunities, while others don’t do much beyond the basics. Evaluating an organization you’re thinking about joining can help you understand what you’re getting for your membership fees.

What is the main focus of National American & Indian Chamber Of Commerce??

Our focus is to small businesses by leveraging Technology. We believe that in this modern era, technology enables the effective sharing of data to address some of society’s biggest challenges and help businesses be more innovative, efficient, and productive.

Where does the chamber of commerce get money?

Chamber of commerce isn’t a government agency to receive any money from the government. Chambers of commerce are often operated as nonprofit organizations, which means they aren’t trying to make a profit. Instead, they aim to make just enough money to support their activities.

The group raises funds itself through various sources, including:

  • Member dues: All businesses that join the chamber of commerce pay dues in exchange for the benefits they receive. Some organizations have different membership levels with varying benefits and higher fees for more benefits.
  • Fundraiser events: Some groups hold fundraising events within the community to finance their activities.
  • Private donations: Private donors sometimes contribute to the funding for a local chamber of commerce.
  • Event entry fees: Some events that a chamber of commerce hosts, such as trade fairs, might include an entry fee, which helps with fundraising efforts.

What type of chamber is National American and Indian Chamber Of Commerce?

We are a national chamber of commerce with ability to operate and function nationally within USA. By joining the chamber, you can interact and network with business members all across USA.

How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is as easy as completing the online application and making payment with your credit card or by business check.

If you prefer you can call us at 609-566-3109 and one of our representative can mail you a printed Membership Booklet/Application.

You can also email us at and we will email you the  membership application  form.

If the business where I work is a member, does that mean I am a member, too?

Yes! When a company or one of its branch offices becomes a Chamber member, all employees of that company’s local branch are considered Chamber members and have full access to our programs and benefits.

If my business is not in United States, can we still become a member of the Chamber?

Yes your business is welcome where ever it is located. There are no city limits or regional or country boundaries that exclude any business which want to join the National American and Indian Chamber of Commerce (NAICCO).

Do you have to be a member to attend Chamber Events?

Some of our events and programs are for Chamber members only. However, some programs allow non-members to attend at a premium price.

How can I sponsor a Chamber program or event?

Advertising is great…but so are public relations and community affairs. Sponsoring events and programs at the NAICCO includes all three branding strategies in one effective multifaceted strategy.

National American and Indian Chamber of Commerce (NAICCO) events and programs gives your company the publicity and brand recognition you need in a positive and receptive environment. Business leaders recognize and appreciate companies that help them gain knowledge and make important contacts.

When you sponsor a Chamber event or program, your company benefits from:

  • Brand Association with High Profile Business Events
    Companies that want to be recognized for being industry leaders and community partners welcome the benefits of association with important business events. If your company needs to have name recognition with high income professionals, executives, managers and other influential business decision-makers, Chamber events and programs may be just the answer.
  • Publicity
    Public recognition can’t be purchased – it has to be earned. Fortunately, the Chamber makes it easy to ride on the Chamber’s reputation. Chamber events and programs are highly publicized…and so are their sponsors. Your company’s brand name is included in collateral materials and print advertising to help you lock in this valuable public recognition.
  • Advertising
    Chamber events are supported with their own advertising campaigns. Exposure in broadcast, print and on-site advertising ensures heightened sponsor brand recognition among a carefully targeted audience of business owners and executives.
  • Access to New Business Relationships
    The one-on-one marketing aspects of Chamber events and programs allow companies to open relationships with dozens of new clients and customers. Of course, these events are also ideal for renewing and strengthening relationships with existing clients and customers

What are the advertising opportunities with the chamber?

Advertising Opportunities

National American and Indian Chamber of Commerce’s bimonthly newsletter The NAICCO Progress Report, offers members advertising opportunities. The page full color format presents a fresh look which introduces new features while, ensuring favorite features, including ribbon cuttings, ground breakings and business spotlights.

The NAICCO Progress Report is direct mailed to all Chamber members. The NAICCO Progress Report is also featured at on our website and distributed through local member locations. Feature articles from the Convention and Visitors Bureau, Main Street, and the Chamber of Commerce will further the strategic plan to communicate how the organization is promoting the community, enhancing the economy, and providing networking opportunities.

What is the best way to use the Chamber to build my business network?

The best way to build your business network is to develop relationships with other NAICCO members. All Chamber programs are designed to give you an opportunity to make new contacts and strengthen existing relationships. The more events you attend and the more actively you participate, the faster and deeper your network will grow.

We produce a number of programs that are specifically designed for networking, such as Business Solutions Conference, Business After Hours, Chamber 101, Ribbon Cuttings, Membership Luncheons and much more. Another way to build your network is through volunteering for the Chamber by joining a committee, This is an opportunity to increase your visibility and demonstrate your professionalism and expertise to a wide audience.

How do I use the Chamber for business leads and referrals?

As you attend Chamber events and programs and expand your network, you will have access to people who are in a position to provide you with business leads. As you get to know them and they gain trust in your professionalism, your fellow Chamber members can become an important source of referrals for your business.

In addition, the Chamber publishes a Member Business Directory annually, as well as having the online directory. Log on to look up member businesses by name or business category. Each week, the Chamber receives calls from all over the country looking for referrals on businesses or services . The Chamber representatives continuously promote our member businesses in answer to these inquiries.

How can I stay informed on legislative and community issues that affect my business?

The Chamber’s Business Advocacy division provides several communication vehicles to keep members in the know. Most current are the Policy Statement and Advocacy pages on the Chamber’s website.
NAICCO’s member voting companion website affiliated with the US Chamber of Commerce that keep members up to date on critically important issues with state and federal government. Regular updates are published on essential issues that affect you and the rest of the business community.
Attendance at the Advocacy Summit Luncheons and meetings is strongly encouraged for members who wish to keep abreast of the latest issues and the Chamber’s activities at the federal, state, and local level.

Can the Chamber help me with a business issue that is being impacted by current or proposed legislation?

NAICCO is committed to promoting and protecting the interests of our members through investigating and supporting legislative initiatives at the local, state, and federal levels.  Combining our local voice with other chambers across the states and nation, leads to successful and impactful representation.

Key areas that this Chamber stands behind are outlined in the policy statement section and cover:  Employment Relations, Economic Development, Education, Energy and Environmental, General Business, Health Care, Immigration, Taxes and Spending, Tort Reform, and Transportation. To address these issues and provide face-to-face interaction and education, the Chamber hosts Advocacy Summits bringing in legislative representation and subject matter experts on the local, state, and federal levels.  Lead by our Advocacy Committee, these programs address issues impacting business and currently residing on legislative dockets.

The Chamber continues sending area leaders and elected officials to Washington D.C. to be the voice of our members.  To ensure members have a voice with their elected officials, the Chamber create grass root campaigns providing members an avenue to directly contact their elected officials on issues and legislation.

What does NAICCO Board of Directors do?

Our board of directors is a valuable asset. Our directors bring with them a sophisticated level of experience and expertise. They set the strategic direction of the Chamber and oversee the finances of the organization.