Our Benefits

We provide range of benefits to our members based on the membership level.


Our members belong to Technology, Energy, Hospitality, Real-Estate & Agriculture Industries.


NAICCO specializes in helping small businesses grow their business with the help of technology while facilitating the relationship between local businesses with government of US and India.

With multi industry business community members across USA , NAICCO is the leading chamber of commerce created for businesses owners to use technology as a medium to excel and reach out your customers across their globe.

Grow  your business using technology by becoming a NAICCO Member and get connected with the federal government and local government representative across USA and India.

NAICCO’s process transformation services innovate at the intersection of business and technology to transform processes that realize our member’s vision. We will help you improve your business potential and provide you a platform to flourish.

We can help you connect with right audience where you can jointly explore opportunities which will help you increase your business revenue. If you have an idea to scale your business, we can align the right technology for you to scale your business.

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  • The National American and Indian Chamber Of Commerce proactively serves a diverse membership consisting of entrepreneurs, businesses, professionals, corporations, and government entities with the overriding goal of helping these critical constituencies capitalize on the many opportunities.
  • We develop, promote, and advocate for business and diversity on the USA while encouraging the advancement and economic growth of the small business and minority community.
  • t’s time we stopped being dependent upon others to change our situation, our economy, and our society. NAICCO is here to help you in every way possible, whether through one-on-one consulting, networking, referrals, marketing support, educational training, legislative advocacy, and much more, you name it, we are there to help you achieve it.
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Our Leadership

Our Board Of Trustees and Board of Directors, in coordination with our staff and volunteers around the country, has played an intricate role in our organization’s overall direction, mission, and success.

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Mission & Values

Our mission is to help our members make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their businesses with the help of technology and to build a great chamber that attracts, develops, excites our members to grow in their industry.

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Who is in the board?

The members of our national board of directors, along with our strategic advisory board, come from a variety of fields, hold various positions, and have extensive small business to large corporation and governmental experience.

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Support and Acknowledgements

NAICCO has been recognized for its consistent endeavors to provide a platform for the minority and small business to flourish that help our members perform better and achieve high industry rankings in their respective fields.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the common ones that we get, along with answers to the questions. We will add to this list when we get more FAQs. Contact us if any of your questions are not answered here.

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NAICCO Partnerships with other chambers and organization focuses on building an ecosystem of partners across industry domains and technologies to help our members win in the marketplace.

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