Membership Benefits
  • Networking opportunities
  • NAICCO’s membership directory
  • Access to social media group
  • Access to NAICCO Events
All Benefits Of Bronze +
  • Personalized Introductions
  • Limited social media posts
  • Access to NAICCO investment groups
  • Access to Silver level opportunities
  • Submit pitch deck to investment groups
All Benefits Of Silver +
  • Increased social media posts
  • Logo branding on NAICCO materials
  • Gold level investment opportunities
  • Access to local advisory efforts
  • Access to all benefits for (1) additional person
All Benefits Of Gold +
  • Personalized Introductions
  • Access to Platinum level investment opportunities
  • Direct interaction with VIP guests at NIACCO events
  • Honorary Board of Directors seat
  • Membership on government advocacy groups
  • Exclusive branding opportunities at all NAICCO events
  • Direct participation in NAICCO trade delegations
  • Ability to co-host NAICCO events
Chairman’s Club
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All Benefits Of Platinum + An exclusive chairman membership is the highest level membership option that offers access to exclusive business opportunities. This membership is typically reserved for top executives and business leaders in the community. Benefits may include priority access to opportunities, special recognition and opportunities to shape the NAICCO’s initiatives and policies. Access to this membership is by invitation only