Piyush J. Patel is an accomplished entrepreneur who has built a multi-million dollar conglomerate that spans the globe. Spread throughout the USA, Europe and Asia, Mr. Patel’s business ventures encompass a multitude of industries, such as real estate development, manufacturing (water treatment, oil drilling, food processing), technology, clean energy, hospitality, orchards and performing arts centers.

Never did he imagine that a young man of modest means would embark on a journey from being a chemical engineer to being blessed with such success. Piyush is quick to spot innovators and products that aim to revolutionize. He has perfected the art of growing with simple strategies and adopting an “upside down” approach. By investing in troubled businesses, he is able to apply a radically different business model to affect positive outcomes. Despite the serious risks in reviving a failing company, the rewards are immensely gratifying.

Piyush draws his strength from the diversity of his investments and the people he works with. Known for his pleasing demeanor and big heart, his long-term relationships with employees, colleagues and friends is truly his strongest quality. Fortune has favored him in several risky investments, yet Piyush maintains a simple lifestyle and devotes much time to humanitarian causes in both the USA and in his native land. In fact, Piyush has received numerous awards for his charitable work worldwide.

He is dedicated to developing projects for children’s education and senior citizens. His generous contributions have helped build Gokul Village Kheda District where more than 500 orphaned children study and live.

Passion and spirit have driven Piyush to become the first entrepreneur to build a five-star hotel & resort with charity as his primary mission. Located ten miles from Ahmedabad, India and spread across nine acres, Piyush Palace, modeled on ancient palatial architecture, represents the culmination of his dreams. Piyush has established a non-profit trust that will distribute all profits to help fund a children’s hospital and other charities in India.

Philanthropic values run deep in this Patel family. Lorraine, Piyush’s wife of 50 years, is a retired nurse who dedicates herself to supporting her local community. She is a Lifetime Member and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for 20 years, is a member of the First Aid Council, and has devoted 10 years to the American Red Cross. Lorraine is also active with the Indian Health Camp of NJ which assists senior citizens without medical insurance.

Their youngest daughter, Gitanjali, serves on the Executive Council for Bpeace, a top-ranked non-profit organization that operates exclusively in conflict-affected countries to expand the economic power of women. She lends her
Management Consulting skills for international expansion, mentoring and coaching, and shaping the overall direction of this organization.