Jerry Chambers is a man on a mission. Jerry’s a gifted  self-starter who meticulously balances business, a heartfelt  entrepreneurial spirit and a stellar record of a lifetime dedication to  community activism and awareness. He’s been an extraordinary change agent and catalyst to dozens of community – based organizations and a national voice in the  Civil Rights Movement while maintaining Chambers Brokerage Services,  a successful business, for over 35 years.
Jerry’s lifetime accomplishments encompass a fifty year commitment to empowering African- American Communities as well  as all people of color. A proud native of Passaic, New Jersey, Jerry graduated from Passaic High School  lettering in football, wrestling and track. After graduating from Northeastern University with a B.S. in Finance, Jerry  focused his special set of “sensitivities” on disadvantaged  people living in  urban America. Jerry continues to mentor young adults and is usually a highly sought after featured speaker.
Some of the organizations Jerry has been affiliated with:
  • Founder of the Coalition for a Better Passaic. A community improvement and cultural organization.
  • Coach for Passaic Little League Football Program.
  • Served as a mentor for the One to One Mentoring program, founded by William Payne and late congressman Donald M. Payne.
  • Minority Athlete Network – A group of former professionals and college athletes involved in prison outreach programs, youth and high school scholarship programs.
  • Currently President of the North Jersey Black Caucus for Social Justice. An organization dedicated to social and economic justice in the African American Communities North Jersey.
  • Member of The African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey.
  • Advisory Board Member of The National American and Indian Of Commerce.
Jerry’s extensive involvement with the Head Start Programs throughout New Jersey and New York led to the formation of The National Head Start Association Insurance Agency. Not surprisingly, he became the President of this National Insurance Agency, regularly collaborating with Sarah Green, Executive Director of the National Head Start Association, on the critical issue of the rising costs of health insurance benefits.
Based on his extensive community experience and always displaying a much needed independent voice, Jerry has developed hundreds of contacts and an increased awareness of how to address the complex needs of today’s youth. This is Jerry’s Story.