Gloria Starr Kins is the President and Founder, of Society & Diplomatic Review has been a long-time society and diplomatic editor of Irish Connections magazine and Irish Examiner newspaper. Before that, she worked alongside Wyatt Cooper as an editor for the Status Diplomat and headed the New York office of Curtis Publishing encompassing Sat Evening Post, Holiday magazine, and Status magazine. She is a veteran UN Correspondent, society and diplomatic editor of many newspapers, and a correspondent for the Jewish Post newspaper.


She represented WOR Radio and Television as head of their United Nations Operations, and later headed Curtis Publishing as Managing Editor for New York and was an Associate Producer of NBC’s “Open Mind.”


Gloria is Vice-Chair of the Center for Global Action for Sustainable Development (CGASD) and was a founding member of UNICEF’s Manhattan chapter, the Islamic Council of Europe, and the Islamic Defense League in London. In addition, she also serves as a Government Liaison on the Board of Directors for the OCCAM Infopoverty World Conference, Oklahoma University liaison, and various other organizations and Chambers of Commerce. Recently, Gloria was made the head of the North American representative office of Association de la Plume pour la culture et le development, a Chad-based foundation.


She is also active on the Board of advisers of The Green Earth Enterprises, LLC, a company that uses aquaponics and hydroponics to solve the world’s food and water insecurities in addition to IAAI GloCha board of advisers. The Hope Foundation as well as the Halte Ebola Foundation made Gloria a member of their Board of Directors and the Japanese foundation, Mother Earth Cup Zero, added her on their Advisory Board.


In 2021, the Sovereign Polynesian King of Atooi (Kingdom of Hawaii) appointed Ms. Kins as a Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations to the Office of the Sovereign.