D’Antoni Pushes Kobe


Lakers Coach D’Antoni’s on Kobe’s Injury

If you are a Los Angeles Lakers tickets holder, you are probably very interested in the big plans that coach D’Antoni has for his team this coming 2014 NBA season. It’s no secret to most basketball viewers that last NBA season was a disaster—not to mention the injuries that had happened to the four core players of the team, namely Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, and Steve Nash.

Coach D’Antoni’s First Game with the Lakers

Coach Mike D’Antoni was hired to replace Mike Brown who was fired after starting with a team stat of 1-4. Many say that D’Antoni is a good coach. But according to a lot of sports analysts, his strategy when it comes to offense does not seem to fit the team’s 2013 roster. Because of this lack of chemistry, Coach D’Antoni’s game plan gave the team with an inconsistent stat. But for 2013-2014 NBA season, Los Angeles Lakers will enter a new strategy made by their new coach. This will absolutely sell out a lot of Los Angeles Lakers tickets.

Game Plans for 2013-2014

Coach Mike D’Antoni is brewing up new game strategies for the Los Angeles Lakers for the coming season of NBA. With this news, Laker fans will definitely have their reason to buy as many LA Lakers tickets to support their team.

Improving in his coaching style, D’Antoni is open for the possibility of having to be a defensive coach, which he never was to begin with. Admittedly, he wants to improve on this flaw in order to provide better coaching styles for his new team, and as not to disappoint a lot of fans who support and bought LA Lakers tickets beforehand.

Coach D’Antoni is planning to implement a zone-based defensive strategy, which is rarely found in the NBA seasons. He chooses to attack the problem with his determination and positive attitude.

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