Dallas First in NFC East


Dallas Gains in A Win Against The Philadelphia Eagles

The Dallas Cowboys have taken control over the NFC East division with their win on October 20th over the Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams were suffering from injuries and missing some of their star players. The Eagles were without Michael Vick, so they started Quarterback Nick Foles in his place. DeMarcus Ware was out for Cowboys, since he injured his right thigh muscle the week before. This was actually the first time in his 9 year career that Ware had missed a game, making it a great time for new fans to buy Cowboys tickets online. Despite the loss of Ware, the Cowboys were able to mount a successful defense against the Eagles’ high powered offense.

Romo Throws for Three-Hundred Yards

There are many fans on both sides who were hoping for a win, because it would put either team on top of the division. This is the first season for Eagles‘ head coach Chip Kelly, who will be tested this year by the injuries for his team. The Cowboys haven’t gotten off to the best start this season, but still remain on top of the leader board in their division. They were able to secure a win during this game behind their quarterback Tony Romo, who threw for over 300 yards and a touchdown. This proved to be enough for the team, as they ended up beating the Eagles 17-3 on the road.

What About Ware’s Injury?

The Cowboys look to have some of their key players back over the course of the next few weeks. Though he sat out for this game, trainers are reporting that DeMarcus Ware is making strides during his recovery efforts. The team is also looking forward to getting running back Demarco Murray back out on the field as well. This could help the team improve on both sides of the ball, which they may need if they’re going to stay on top of their division.

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