Premium NHL Tickets Have Changed


High Priced Hockey Tickets

Premium NHL tickets have changed since in the past few years, and in the wake of the lockout, the league is moving in full swing to keep the record high level of sales. NHL tickets for box seating have traditionally been a private lounge to watch the game. These lounges are separate from the rest of the crowd, providing a private experience for you and your group. For this reason many celebrities and socialites chose these boxes to get away from the limelight and enjoy an interrupted view of the game with their posse.

Premium NHL Bruins tickets, for example, prices have gone up significantly in the wake of the 2013 lockout. Nonetheless attendance has been at a record high on average. Additionally, more emphasis has been put into the ticketing process meaning that there are price ranges of tickets for every market segment. In the premium segment the offerings are pretty substantial depending on the venue. All you can eat food is served by a full staff, meaning any trips to the over-priced concession stands won’t be necessary. Unlimited alcohol is often prevalent in these “box seating” arrangements – meaning you won’t have to deal with grabbing the beer guy; avoiding any accidental spills on your clothes from your neighbors on either side.

While many may argue you miss the “true” hockey experience, most of those same people have never indulged in the purchase of premium NHL tickets. Furthermore, depending on what kind of membership you hold, many of these box seats offer preferred parking, free team apparel, and exclusive meetings with the team before and after games. If all that still isn’t enough autograph sessions are available to for the die-hards who will spare no expense. Exclusive NHL tickets are better than ever, and the increase in prices is justified in the added bonuses.