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Meet the Man Who Owns the Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago’s local NHL team has started to draw in a fair bit of attention, since fans are supporting their team more now than ever before. As a result, the team has been finding some recent success and managing to produce star players as well. But many fans will want to take a look at the owners who have shaped the team in to what it is today. The Chicago Blackhawks are actually one of the original six NHL teams that helped to found the league, so they have had a substantial impact on the game itself. This has also allowed the team to build up a substantial following from their fans, who may want to buy NHL Blackhawks tickets.

The team is currently owned by the Wirtz Corporation, which is operated by Rocky Wirtz. Under their ownership, the Blackhawks have been transformed in to a considerable force in the league. They have accumulated many star players and have had some very successful seasons lately. The team actually captured the NHL Stanley Cup in 2010, which was their first win since 1961. They were able to defeat the Philadelphia Flyers in just 6 games. The team would actually repeat this success when they would go on to win the 2013 Stanley Cup, defeating the Boston Bruins in 6 games as well.

These recent championship runs have accumulated a substantial fan following for the team. This has got many people excited in what the future may hold for the team as they face down their rivals in the league. They continue to feature star players on their team, thanks in large part to the leadership of Rocky Wirtz. Local fans will likely want to show their support for these moves and keep the Blackhawks a top contender in their league. They should check out how they can buy Blackhawks tickets and head out to the games soon.

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