Air Jordans Are The Best Shoes Ever Made!


MJ Air Jordans Take the Fashion World by Storm

It is a surprise to many that the shoe craze is causing quite the stir in the fashion and sports industries. The “air Jordan” brand of shoes by Nike was established in 1984 by the best basketball player to have ever played, Michael Jordan. The brand creates ultra high end basketball shoes, and retro styled sneakers that were originally rocked by the superstar during championship games and the regular season. Today, sneakerheads are looking for ways to draw extra attention to the already flooded market of rare and expensive sneakers, and some are looking to customize their style by buying Jordan shoe laces.

There are few companies in the shoe lace market these days, but with online marketplace adoption rapidly increasing, aftermarket designer shoelaces are becoming more and more prevalent – not to mention attainable. The MJ Jordan brand is now worth over $1 billion, and is not showing any signs of slowing down in the next few years. This means clothing companies, hat companies, and now accessory companies are catering to the styles associated with the shoe.

Jordan shoe laces are just one of the new accessories to the market – and the clientele shopping for said trinkets expect the highest quality. Complimenting styles is no easy task, the colors, material, and functionality of the laces have to be exact, and must grab the attention of someone who would display such an item on an $200+ pair of kicks. The Air Jordan franchise is synonymous with sports and sports players alike; with hundreds of teams and athletes sponsoring the brand. The brand encompasses footwear in football, basketball, baseball, college basketball, boxing, golf, NASCAR, and more – spectators recognize the shoe design by the patented “jumpman” logo – a signature on every shoe designed by the subsidiary branch of Nike, one of the world’s most popular shoe companies.

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