MSG and The Knicks

The History Of Madison Square Garden and the NYK

Madison Square Garden has become one of the most iconic arenas in the NBA, thanks in large part to the historic match-ups that have been hosted here. Anyone who wants to buy Knicks tickets online will likely want to learn a little about the history of Madison Square Garden as a sporting venue. The building itself was constructed in midtown Manhattan, with the opening occurring in 1968. Over the past few decades, it has quickly become synonymous with some of the most exciting moments in sports history. When it was originally built, it cost over $1.1 billion to construct from the ground up. This has ranked it among some of the most expensive sporting buildings as well.

At its current capacity, Madison Square Garden is actually capable of seating upwards of 18,000 people throughout the stadium. It has undergone a few renovations over the years, with a recent one that began during the 2010-2011 NBA off season. This latest renovation actually totaled over $1 billion, but it has completely transformed the appearance of the building itself. The center has been fitted with a theater and is consistently used as a venue for musicians as well. This has added to the broad appeal of the building, since it has proven to be a very flexible entertainment location in the city.

Some people will want to learn more about the different options to attend basketball games at Madison Square Garden. The center will host all of the home games for the New York Knicks, which many fans will want to check out sometime soon. Since the Knicks will host some of the premier stars of the NBA, fans will want to look in to booking season tickets. This can help them get a discount when they attend the games throughout the year here. Many people will also be interested in finding out about how they can buy Knicks tickets and get great package deals as well. There are many excellent family options for people who want to check out this venue soon.

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