Miami Heat Begin Season

Overview of the Miami Heat’s First Regular Season Games

Fans of the Miami Heat are wondering whether the team can build off of their championship season last year. Many have predicted that they will go on to repeat as champions this year, but it could be a tough road ahead. There are many more good teams this year in the Eastern Conference, which will contend against Miami for the top seed. There will be many people from all over the league watching the team as they play through their first few games of the season. It is expected that this will reveal some useful information about how the team may perform down the stretch.

Chicago Plans to Unleash Derrick Rose

The team will open their regular season by playing the Chicago Bulls on their home court. The Bulls will have Derrick Rose back healthy with the team, so they are expected to be a formidable opponent in the beginning. The Miami Heat will have an opening ceremony for this game, in which they will celebrate their championship winning season last year. They have also unveiled a new series of gold jerseys that they will use to honor the occasion. These jerseys will actually be available for fans to purchase later on after the game. They can choose to buy them through the NBA store online.

A Tough Road Ahead

After this initial home game, the Miami Heat will need to go on the road to face several tough opponents. They will take on the Philadelphia 76ers and then the Brooklyn Nets. If you would like to show your support for the team, then you may want to buy tickets to head out to these games. You can buy Miami Heat tickets online if you look for these special deals. Many fans will get better prices and better seating options if they are able to book their tickets early. Think about whether you may want to buy the tickets you want if you want to see these games in person.

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